Does an electronic flight bag make sense for my operations? If so, which EFB tool and which hardware? Does deeper integration in the cockpit through a link to individual avionics systems make sense? 

How does the system communicate during the different phases of the operation? Do my current processes fit the digital world of an EFB? What do I need to consider to meet the regulatory standards? Which adjustments do I need to make and which tools do I have to introduce? How do I organise the roll-out? 

There are a large number of questions and tasks when moving towards paperless, interactive and efficient cockpit operations. We are the right consultant to help you answer all these questions. Benefit from our expertise and our network of specialists in the fields of programming, implementation, operations and developing EFB and EFF solutions. 

Our information is not theoretical, but includes facts gained from working with international airlines, large market leaders in aircraft manufacturing, navigation data & application providers and industrial committees in the aviation world and aviation authorities.  

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