EasyBrief is your system for ensuring that information flows between the teams on the ground and your crews in cockpits. 
Our third generation of our briefing tool is based on successful use in flight operations in the past, involving 1500 pilots and 130 aircraft at three different airlines. 

The solution streamlines processes, cuts redundant input and therefore reduces errors. Automatic mechanisms also take over large parts of the work and reduce the workload in all areas of the information flow. EasyBrief enables bidirectional communications between local crews and planners at headquarters. 

Information about problems in check-in/handling, defects on an aircraft or ad-hoc information from flight operations is then available directly and quickly at the right place to guarantee smooth procedures. 

It is possible for many departments to gain access to information related to flights in order to ensure detailed traceability, if necessary. You then only need one single system for all the information required by public authorities: EasyBrief! 

EasyBrief can operate on any platform in terms of operating systems and therefore provides the greatest possible flexibility for you when selecting hardware. This means minimum restrictions caused by technical requirements. 



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