Our DSC services are one of the mainstays of our expertise. Because we are a spin-off from the largest ground handling services provider with many years of experience in using departure control systems, we are experts in this field. 
There are therefore good reasons why we can offer our outstanding DCS services to all our Altéa Competency Center (ACC) customers. 

In addition to supporting a complex application for ACC customers, our specialists help with tasks like API data transfer, checking flight & passenger information and even supporting the preparation of load sheets or performing weight & balance calculations. 

Do you need more than this? 

Data security and correct data transfer are a huge and important issue in air traffic nowadays. Failing to meet local regulations for documents or guaranteeing that requirements are satisfied may have fatal consequences both for passengers and tour operators. 

We ensure that there are no surprises for you or your passengers through our systems for automatically validating documents, generating valid passenger name lists and transferring this data, all according to the legal stipulations (GDPR). 

Further AVIOVA services